QBCore Begger Job Script


The QBCore Begger Job Script is a popular choice for those who want to enhance their FiveM server with a realistic and immersive beggar job experience. the script adds a beggar job to your server, allowing players to take on the role of a beggar and interact with the virtual world in a unique way.…


QBCore Begger Job Script is a FiveM script that allows players to take on the role of beggars. The scenario includes various features, such as the ability to ask for money, food, and clothes. Players can also choose to be beggars, which will allow them to earn money by performing tasks such as labor.

FiveM Server with our comprehensive collection of Begger tasks and scripts. Explore our repository of QBCore and Qbus scripts to enhance your immersive experience.


work like a beggar
earn money doing missions
Customizable installation
open source
Qbcore Framwork support

            preview video of QBCore Begger Job Script –


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