qb house robbery fivem


Determine which houses in the game world are available for robberies and set their parameters, such as the difficulty level, loot items, and potential escape routes. house robbery Decide on the valuable items players can steal during house robberies. This could include cash, jewelry, electronics, or other high-value objects. Develop a mechanism for simulating police response…


qb House Robbery fivem with integrated mini-games that offer even more fun challenges. It’s an intense and immersive experience where players have to quickly break into homes, find and collect valuable items, all while avoiding security system and police patrols.


  • Low Resmon
  • Ped on location
  • Phone Mail Support
  • You can add multiple locations
  • LockPick system with minigame
  • Searching House and find rare items
  • You can add more items
  • Dispatch Support when you fail
  • Support for 3 different phones
  • Noise system so you need to go slowly, if noise go over 100 alarm will be triggered and police get notify
  • To start robbery, it has to be night
  • Support for ox_lib
  • Support for ps-ui
  • If you don’t have mask police will be alerte



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