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FiveM Server with the most uniqe QBCore Framework and nopixel 3.5 full server inspiration. This server supports OneSync Infinity/Legacy and can easily accommodate more than 500 players at once. This is a fully optimised five-million-player server with premium maps, original scripts, unique vehicles, and original EUPs. This five million server, which has many special characteristics,…


                                   nopixel 3.5 full server 

FiveM server with nopixel 3.5 full server  maximum inspiration from QBCore Framework and Nopixel 3.5. This server supports OneSync Infinity/Legacy and can easily host over 500 players simultaneously. This is a fully optimized five million player server with premium maps, original scripts, unique vehicles and an original EUP.

This 5 millionth server, which has many special features, is the best server among our servers.You don’t have to pay the developer to create a new script for your server because you get different scripts with this package; Just install the server on your host and you can invite players to play.

These servers are not core-based custom servers. Only scripts compatible with the latest version of QBCore are available


  • Scripts
    • Nopixel 3.5 Heavily Inspired.
    • Pure / Latest QBCore Framework.
    • 20+ Heists & Robberies
    • 6 types of drugs.
    • 60+ Jobs & Activities, including Police, EMS, Mechanic, Car Dealer, etc.
    • Improved Gang system.
    • Improved Banking System
    • Improved Multiple Character & Spawning System.
    • Improved UI.
    • Job grades/ranks with Boss menus.
    • Discord Integration and Rich presence (with Server Logs).
    • New EmoteMenu with Custom Emotes & 3000+ Dances Like NoPixel
    • Anticheat
  • Assets
    • Massive Clothing Pack with 15000 Assets
    • Improved CAYO PERICO Island
    • Premium housing shells.
    • Custom Job Vehicles.
    • 200+ Custom Vehicles (Including Premium Vehicles).
one of the best choice for serious RP


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