gta 5 fivem flywheel mechanic shop mlo


The Flywheels Mechanic Shop MLO is ideal for playing servers for roleplay. It can serve as a garage of the player or a corporate headquarters or as a police ampounding lot. It is also compatible with all FiveM servers.flywheel mechanic Location v3(1782.5989, 3345.6458, 40.7735, 161.0280)


Gta 5 Fivem Flywheel mechanic shop mlo offers high-quality mechanics workshop MLO for FiveM. It is situated at Sandy Shores, next to the gas station at the airfield. The shop is well-furnished and decorated, with a variety of options, including the workstation as well as a lift and an art booth.

Gta five-fivem mechanic shop flywheel mlo ideal for servers for role-playing. It can serve as a garage for players as well as a headquarters for a business, or as a police impounding lot. It can also be used with the majority of FiveM servers. 

Here are some of the features of the Flywheels Mechanic Shop MLO:
  • Fully furnished and decorated interior
  • Variety of features, such as a workbench, a lift, and a paint booth
  • Compatible with most FiveM servers
  • More feature check in video

If you are looking for a high-quality mechanic shop MLO for FiveM, this is the perfect mod. It is easy to install and use and offers many features that make it a lot of fun.

Here are some additional details about the Flywheels Mechanic Shop MLO:
  • The shop is located in a quiet area of Sandy Shores.
  • The interior of the shop is decorated in a modern style.
  • The shop includes a variety of tools and equipment.
  • The shop also has a working lift.

Location v3(1782.5989, 3345.6458, 40.7735, 161.0280) 


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