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A complete receipt system that includes integration with frameworks that are popular and customizable display of the item and advanced support for utilization.receipts script The Receipt System is a powerful application that allows you to control receipts and items within the FiveM play server. It’s compatible with the most popular frameworks like ESX and QB-Core. Additionally,…


QBcore Receipts Script is an open-source resource for ESX or QB-Core. This script utilizes item metadata and a simple UI to create an immersive shopping experience!


  • Integration with ESX/QB-Core: The system is compatible with popular frameworks, ensuring seamless functionality with your existing setup.
  • Customizable item display: In our realistic user interface, you can easily add metadata to display item information.
  • Ox_lib Support: The Receipt System requires and supports Ox_lib v3 for a clean user experience.
  • Simple and Advanced Usage: The system provides simple and advanced methods for using the Receipt System, catering to users with different needs and skill levels.
  • Server-side exports: Several server-side exports are available for integrating the Receipt System with other resources or utilizing more advanced functionality.
  • User-friendly Menus: The Receipt System offers an intuitive in-game menu for adding, reviewing, and managing items and receipts.
  • Flexible receipt printing: Users can print receipts with customizable details, such as payment status and the number of copies.
  • Add items to receipt: The Receipt System allows users to easily add items to the bill by entering their details in the provided menu.
  • Clear receipt: Users can clear the bill to remove all items and start fresh.
  • Show receipt: The Receipt System provides a feature to review the items added to the receipt and their prices.
  • Print receipt: The system allows users to give a receipt to a player with the bill’s contents.
  • Multiple item management: You can add as many items as needed via simple or advanced methods and choose to print the bill via the item, providing a lot of flexibility and possibilities.
  • Realistic UI: View the receipts and all their info, including tax, sub-total, itemized list and more!
  • Tax System: This will allow you to set your tax percentage in the config file.
  • AP-Government Compatibility: Easy linked with AP Script’s Government system to automatically calculate current item tax!

Languages use

  • lua
  • js
  • html
  • css

preview video of qbcore Receipts Script –


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