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This script is a great way for police application players to apply for in-game jobs on their FiveM servers. This script allows players to fill out in-game applications using a custom form that collects all the required information. Once the form has been submitted, all data is sent via a webhook to a designated Discord channel that can be viewed and processed by server support. Overall, FiveM Application Script is a powerful and must-have tool for servers looking to streamline the recruitment process and provide better service to candidates.


  • Optional State-bag-based Cooldowns
  • Option to change true/false to Yes/No
  • Change every detail about the embed
  • Add As many questions as you want!
  • Supports loads of differant input types (text, number, checkbox, slider + more)
  • optional OX Target support
  • Completely customise EVERYTHING todo with the marker and target.
  • Input Santisation before data is sent to Discord
  • Cool embed formatting
  • Each Job can have their own webhook
  • Each Job can have their own Form

Preview video of fivem police application script –



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