ESX Car Wash| Car Wash Script for ESX.script come with unique idea and unique UI

  1. Setup: First, make sure you have a development environment set up for FiveM scripting. You’ll need a code editor and the necessary resources for scripting within the FiveM framework.
  2. Resource Structure: Organize your script in a resource folder with the appropriate files. This typically includes a resource manifest file (__resource.lua or fxmanifest.lua), server-side script files, and client-side script files.
  3. Server-Side Script: Create a server-side Lua script that will handle the car wash functionality. This script should include logic to trigger the car wash when a player brings their vehicle to a specific location.


  • Now ESX Support
  • 2 types car wash : standard and premium
  • Unique ui
  • Simple & easy to set up.
  • Dedicated support
  • more features for check¬†showcase¬†video


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